Krista Lee, MA, LPC


Who I Work With

*Accepting New Clients*

Children, Young Adolescents (11-14), Middle Adolescents (15-17), College Students (18-22), Young Adults, Adults, Women, Men, Families,

Young Adult (20s) Women's Process Group.


Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Stressful Life Transitions (school, family, friendship), Trauma, Multicultural Issues, Self Esteem, Social Anxiety, Social Skills, Family Conflict, LGBTQIA+, Relational Concerns, Stress Management, Perfectionism, & Women’s Issues. 

About Krista Lee

Krista brings a vast amount of diverse experience to the table.  Krista completed her Masters Degree in Counseling at Northwestern University. She has provided clinical therapeutic services at the Family Institute at Northwestern.  Krista has worked as a behavioral health counselor at the Eating Recovery Center in Northbrook, where she provided services to adolescents struggling with eating disorders, mood/anxiety disorders, and trauma related disorders. She has also spent time at the Waco Center for Youth providing supportive services with adolescents, such as emotional regulation and conflict de-escalation. As a Baylor University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Krista has nearly five years of experience in residential facilities for adolescents and teenagers with various mental health disorders. These mental health disorders include eating disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and reactive attachment disorder. Additionally, she has worked in a clinic setting with adults with various presenting problems such as relationship concerns, trauma, depression, anxiety, etc.

Are you feeling disconnected, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed? Are you in need of support and not sure where to turn?  You’re in good hands with Krista!  
Krista grew up on the Northshore and understands the pressures to achieve, succeed, and be the best!  Krista is passionate about working with children, teens, young adults, and adults who are working through anxiety, depression, disordered eating, low self esteem/poor body image, trauma, life transition, relational struggles, and difficulty connecting and making friends. 

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Krista’s personal faith and spiritual journey also allow her to provide faith-based counseling to clients.  (Note: We are proud to serve ALL faiths at Nikkie Evans PLLC. We respect all beliefs and only offer faith-based counseling upon request.)

Krista has an integrative style so that her clients can receive individualized treatment that is tailor made for their needs. Her therapeutic style can be described as authentic, empathetic, and relational. Krista emphasizes a strong therapeutic relationship between herself and her clients. 

She believes that the struggles and challenges one may face in life have the ability to help individuals grow and become stronger. Life is an exciting journey and Krista looks forward to walking alongside her clients through these moments.

In her spare time, Krista enjoys running, spending time with friends, painting, listening to podcasts, and reading.

*Practicing under supervision by Nikkie Evans, LCPC*

What Clients Say

"Krista approaches counseling with warmth, understanding, & unconditional positive regard. Krista's clients value her ability to actively listen and provide support, while also helping them work on unique & individual goals to create a path forward."