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Creating Progress
Not Perfection

 At Nikkie Evans PLLC we know that taking the first step to seek out help can feel scary and unknown! Our team would love to walk alongside you to create a comfortable, safe, empowering, and creative environment where you or your loved ones can feel heard and work towards unique goals, while creating progress not perfection.

You’re tired, stressed, overwhelmed, feeling stuck, and not sure where to turn.  You’ve found yourself thinking maybe it’s time to get some extra support, but not sure where to start.  Or worse.. you’re worried things might never change.  

At Nikkie Evans PLLC we are passionate about creating progress, not perfection.  


What does that mean?  You know that horrible feeling you get in your gut when something hasn’t gone the way you planned it to go?  Maybe your high school or college experience hasn’t been all that you imagined it would be.  Perhaps you failed an important test.  Didn’t make the volleyball team. You’re struggling to feel like you fit in with a friend group.  Didn’t get into your dream college. Got into an unexpected conflict with a friend or family member.  Didn’t get the job.  Bad first date. Miscommunicating with your spouse. Wasn’t the perfect “pinterest mom” for your kids.  Feeling like a failure or like you don’t measure up can make us feel stuck.  


We value progress.  Progress allows us to stay present and focused on small steps along the way, rather than the end goal.  By focusing on the smaller steps, and celebrating achievements along the way, we are able to build resilience, confidence, and happiness.  We can enjoy life, even if things are not perfect, because we have a greater awareness of our progress.  By focusing on your progress, we will help you to replace negative thoughts with new ways to speak kindly and supportively to yourself, rather than discouraging yourself when things don’t turn out perfectly.  

If you’re feeling stuck and in need of support, you’re in the right place!  Get in touch to schedule an appointment, and take your first step towards progress!


Caitlin Jacek, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Therapist


Mary Elston, MA, LCPC

Clinical Therapist


Michele Quattrocchi MA, LCPC

Clinical Therapist


Nikkie Evans, MS, LCPC

Practice Owner/Clinical Supervisor


Alyssa Norbeck MSW, LCSW, CCATP

Clinical Therapist


Jennifer Allen, M.Ed, LPC

Clinical Therapist


Brooke Henderson, MA

Clinical Therapist

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