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Grief & Loss

Grief. It is a feeling that is hard to manage and can be even harder to discuss. The most difficult aspect of grief is that it affects each individual differently and often shows up in situations that we do not expect. Whether dealing with the loss of a loved one or grief related to an unexpected situation - a break up, a miscarriage, infertility, loss of a pet, diagnosis of a terminal illness for you or a family member - we can help!


How Will You or Your Family Benefit From Therapy? 

  • Understand the stages of grief/grieving process

  • Process the range of feelings you are having a result of your grief

  • Get support that will fit your needs during each stage of the grieving process

  • Develop a greater understanding your unique grieving process

  • Find a way to process the loss and deal to with accompanying emotions

  • Have a safe and supportive space to experience raw emotions

  • Feel heard and understood

  • Learn to better express and manage emotions

  • Navigate grief and/or life altering medical diagnosis

  • Identify coping strategies and skills that will help you find your new normal so you can resume your life

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Are you currently supporting a loved one through grief and looking for more resources? 

Check out the blog post"Supporting a Loved One Through Grief"

written by grief therapist, Caitlin Jacek, LCSW, for more helpful information.

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