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Couples & Families

Are are struggling in your relationship with a partner, spouse, parent, or child?  Maybe you are finding yourself stuck in the same disagreement over and over again or you're struggling to connect?  Perhaps you are looking to reduce relational distress while increasing relational satisfaction?  Or seeking ways to better communicate and understand each other.  Or maybe you are feeling fairly stable in your relationship and you're looking for ways to continue to grow together. 

We can help!  Couples and family therapy can give you and your partner/family member the opportunity to openly discuss strengths and challenges in your relationship, while working together to resolve issues and move forward.  Couples/family therapy ideally requires participation from you and your partner/family member. However, if your partner or family is not open to it at this time, you can also opt to do therapy individually, to better understand your relationship and what steps you can take to improve it.


How Will Your Relationship Benefit From Therapy? 

  • Understand each other in new and deeper ways

  • Identify relationship issues that lead to reoccurring conflicts

  • Develop deeper trust and security 

  • Increase intimacy

  • Increase sense of connection

  • Learn to "fight fair"

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Strengthen friendship and attachment

  • Identify dysfunctional behaviors and eliminate them

  • Learn skills

  • Improve quality of relationship and relationship satisfaction

  • Feel heard and understood

  • Learn how to use your voice and advocate for your needs

  • Increase healthy and effective communication

  • Learn how to handle conflict more effectively

  • Learn to better express and manage emotions, including anger

  • Have greater control over your impulses and behaviors

  • Manage external stressors effectively as a couple

  • Better understand roles in the relationship

  • Identify and implement healthy boundaries

  • Identify beliefs and values

  • Navigate life transitions- new relationship/marriage, new baby, empty nester, etc. 

  • Navigate grief and/or life altering medical diagnosis

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